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Message from the Sealing Soil Society

The principle of the 21st century for environment is the on site treatment
On the occasion of measures for the polluted soil and stratum , three principles are important.

【1】Except the case that on site processing is difficult, the polluted soils should not transport to prevent the diffusion of pollutants as a general rule.
【2】It should be a low cost and low load type with sufficient quality and stability.
【3】The precious strata and soils that have been accumulated for long term should be re-used as far as possible.

Both of the Sealing Soil Method and the Hybrid Cleanup Method are technologies that are highly respectful for circumstances and environmental accounting because of the on site execution.It contributes greatly to the establishment of recycling type society for the 21st century, and fits for an environmental century.

【1】It could exclude an accidental diffusion of pollutants.
【2】It could reduce environmental problems such as effluent gases, noises, and vibrations caused by dump trucks, and as traffic obstacles because to minimize the amount of soils to be transported.
【3】It uses "water" and "natural minerals" basically.

We are doing the research and development of the remediation technology for the polluted soil and intending the international diffusion of these advanced method.
You demand it to the Sealing Soil Society with E-mail, when you have technical questions and opinions.